Helping you navigate home care services in Melbourne and Geelong

As you age, a little support can be a big help.

And organising home care services can be stressful and confusing.

We arrange the home care support you need and deal with My Aged Care so you don't have to!

We visit homes across metropolitan Melbourne and Geelong

Independent advice helping you remain at home longer

Expert assessments to help you find home care services for:
  • Gardening and cleaning
  • Shopping and delivered meals
  • Showering and dressing
  • Rehabilitation at home

‘Can I just call my council to request a service?’

No, if you want government-subsidised help you need to be assessed by a government agency and approved for help at home ...it's complicated and that’s where we come in!

We're also experts in understanding Home Care Packages which provide up to $53,000 per year to support an older person to remain at home.

Or perhaps you don’t want to deal with the government and private services are a better fit, we can also help you with this.

Are you a healthcare professional wanting aged care mentoring?

Talk to us about clinical supervision under the guidance of a qualified and experienced consultant via convenient video sessions. Learn more >

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Considering home care services?

We work a lot with families of older people, when:

  • You’ve discovered how confusing the aged care system is
  • You want your parents to be independent, in control and well supported
  • You’re worried about your parents at home
  • Your parent has had a fall or a health issue and you need to arrange care fast.

It’s a stressful time to be researching and making decisions. We’ve been through similar difficult times and we can appreciate how frustrating it is trying to find the support you need.

Instead of spending hours trying to work out what help your parent needs, call on our expertise to navigate home care services in Melbourne and Geelong.

We can advise and make referrals to My Aged Care for government-subsidised care or directly arrange private services.

"Nicole is amazing, gentle and supportive with the changes we are experiencing with mum. Her knowledge of the aged care system and her links to other experts in the field have helped guide myself and my brother through the minefield of aged care. Can’t recommend Empower Aged care enough."
Louise Francis
Your health and peace of mind is too important to leave until later.
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Nicole Dunn is a contributing author for Stories from the Heart

Stories from the Heart: The Carers Journey brings together 11 carers who share the heartfelt stories of their journey.

"I’ve been in your shoes, trying to make all the arrangements at a difficult time. That’s why our personalised service is so effective. We understand what you’re going through. We know how important it is for your wellbeing to be comfortable at home"



Empower Aged Care Consulting is dedicated to the loving memory of Roma Dunn

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