What is a care plan?

Care plan for aged care

Understanding care plans for home-based aged care

A care plan is a document that outlines a person's home care needs and the services they will receive to meet those needs. It’s an individualised plan, so it’s developed by assessing an older person’s unique needs. The care plan can be adjusted to include more or different services as an older person’s needs change over time. Care managers make sure an older person is receiving the right home care services for their needs.

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What is a My Aged Care Representative?

A My Aged Care Representative deals with My Aged Care for you

How to get help arranging home care through My Aged Care

Did you know you don’t have to deal with My Aged Care yourself? An older person seeking home care can appoint a My Aged Care Representative to coordinate services on their behalf. If you’re caring for an older person, you can get help with this responsibility too as you can even appoint a professional such as Empower Aged Care Consulting to be a representative with My Aged Care. An experienced healthcare professional can help you understand what home care you’re eligible for, provide independent advice for informed decisions and make all the arrangements with My Aged Care.

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Understanding Home Care Package fees

home care package fees

Home Care Package fees charged by providers now capped

The new caps on Home Care Package fees are good news for older people and families. The changes introduced from 1 January 2023 make the fees charged for managing Home Care Packages more transparent when comparing providers. When less of your Home Care Package funds are eaten up by fees, there are more care hours available for older people. Having an understanding of the fees you may have to pay can help you get value for money from your Home Care Package.

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Mental health support for older people

mental health for older people

Your older loved one’s mental health is just as important as their physical health

Growing older can be a joy. The daily struggle to get the work-life balance right is no longer an issue, worrying about what people think of you is a thing of the past, and generally your time is your own. But sometimes, a sudden bereavement, being no longer able to drive, needing care for the first time or experiencing serious illness can shake an older person’s sense of self. So, it’s important to be aware of how these changes can affect your older loved one’s mental health and what you can do to support them.

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How a financial advisor helps you get the most out of Home Care Packages

aged care financial planning

The importance of aged care financial planning

Worrying about finances can mean older people carry on in increasingly difficult circumstances at home, not seeking the help they need. They may be assuming home help will cost too much, feeling like My Aged Care is too complicated, or not even knowing there are home care services available to help with daily living. Regardless of whether an older person is a self-funded retiree or receives an aged pension, there are affordable home care options available and financial planning can assist – particularly when dealing with Home Care Packages. Getting financial advice early gives older people choice and control for healthy ageing.

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Arranging home care over Christmas

Home care over Christmas

How to plan a relaxed festive season for older people and their families

The festive season can be a busy time, and even more so when you’re caring for an older person along with family and work responsibilities. You might be going away, your careworker might be on holidays, or you might be bringing your older loved one to share Christmas with you. Planning ahead with home care can really save Christmas!

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Discharge planning: preparing for home care after hospital

discharge planning

And reviewing care needs after returning home

Being discharged from hospital isn’t the end of care. When an older person is leaving hospital, it’s important to consider how to support their recovery at home. Along with rehabilitation and ongoing nursing care, home care services can be arranged in advance, such as personal care, household chores, transport and more. The hospital is responsible for discharge planning to arrange services to meet the older person’s needs, but things can look different when they get back and adjust to the home environment.

While careful discharge planning can help older people and caregivers feel more confident and in control for the transition home, you can get support to review and adjust home care arrangements if new or different help is needed after an older person returns home after hospital.

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Tips for peace of mind using an in-home caregiver for the first time

peace of mind for in-home care

Preparing to engage in-home care for seniors

You might feel uncomfortable bringing a caregiver or support worker into your or your senior loved one’s home at first. It’s good to keep in mind that reputable in-home care providers are committed to building positive relationships with their senior clients and families. Their role is to treat your senior loved one with dignity and respect. If you’re worried about potential pitfalls with in-home care, you can prepare for the best outcome and learn what to do if a caregiver is not meeting your expectations. These tips will give you confidence to get the benefits of home care.

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Care management in aged care

case management in aged care

Do you need an aged care manager?

If you’re helping to care for a senior, or looking into what’s needed, you’ll know there’s a lot to do. It’s hard to know where to start. There’s corresponding with My Aged Care, figuring out home care services, your senior person’s ongoing healthcare services, and more - there are a lot of pieces to put together. A care manager is an expert at handling all of this, with the clinical knowledge to ensure your senior loved one is receiving the right care to suit changing needs as they age. You can access a government-funded aged care case manager or pay privately for care management, and we’ll look at how both work.

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Ageing in place

ageing in place

Aged care planning helps you live well at home

It’s not just our seniors who enjoy the comforts of home. Being able to spend time with our senior loved ones in a relaxed home environment brings joy and togetherness for families. Older people can be supported to live well at home, maintaining health, mobility and social connection. Being prepared for ageing in place can make all the difference to a senior’s quality of life. Let’s look at what ageing in place means for you and how you can plan for it.

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