Case management in aged care

case management in aged care

Do you need an aged care case manager?

If you’re helping to care for a senior, or looking into what’s needed, you’ll know there’s a lot to do. It’s hard to know where to start. There’s corresponding with My Aged Care, figuring out home care services, your senior person’s ongoing healthcare services, and more - there are a lot of pieces to put together. A case manager is an expert at handling all of this, with the clinical knowledge to ensure your senior loved one is receiving the right care to suit changing needs as they age. You can access a government-funded aged care case manager or pay privately for case management, and we’ll look at how both work.

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Ageing in place

ageing in place

Aged care planning helps you live well at home

It’s not just our seniors who enjoy the comforts of home. Being able to spend time with our senior loved ones in a relaxed home environment brings joy and togetherness for families. Older people can be supported to live well at home, maintaining health, mobility and social connection. Being prepared for ageing in place can make all the difference to a senior’s quality of life. Let’s look at what ageing in place means for you and how you can plan for it.

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Long-distance caregiving for ageing parents

Long-distance caregiving for ageing parents

How to care for senior parents from a distance 

Living apart from senior loved ones as they age is hard. You’re worrying about them and wish you could do more. You’re making every effort to visit often, leaving you exhausted and stressed about looking after your own family while you’re away. You’d love to find some home care services in the Melbourne region but it’s just all too hard to arrange when you don’t live locally. Help is at hand. Home care advocates like Empower Aged Care can act on your behalf, assessing needs, finding and arranging services, all while keeping a senior’s nominated family in the loop for decision-making and peace of mind. You can focus on the things you CAN do, and enjoying the contact you have, without constant worry. Living close by but unable to give more care around work and family responsibilities? These tips can help you too.

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Prepare to get the most from your ACAS assessment

ACAS assessment

What is involved in an aged care assessment?

Talking about changing needs, and seeking help with living at home, can be a bewildering and stressful experience for seniors. When undertaking an aged care assessment, the clinician needs to hear all of a senior’s concerns so they can recommend all the services needed. It’s not a time for your senior loved one to ‘grin and bear it’, or they might miss out on valuable help. Being prepared and having an advocate in the process is vital to getting approved for the right supports, which directly impacts the services and amount of funding seniors may receive.

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Have your home-based aged care needs changed?

review home care plan

A reassessment is key to reviewing home care plans

When your senior loved one has had their home care assessment and arranged home-based aged care services – via government-funded services or private home care – you might think ‘That’s it, it’s locked in’. Yet, over time, their needs change, and they need more or different services. What then? They won’t receive additional services automatically. It’s up to you or your senior loved one to organise additional in-home care. A new aged care assessment will help identify the services to meet new needs, and is required for approval for a Home Care Package.

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My ageing parents won’t admit they need help at home

parents need help

How to talk to your parents about home-based aged care

Quite often I find it’s the senior mum of the family who holds out on getting home care services. She’s been looking after her family and herself for too long to admit she needs help. Senior dads can also be unwilling to let on that they would welcome some help around the house. But the key is that accessing home based care can support your ageing parents to maintain their independence. Start having conversations early, to acknowledge and address any concerns about engaging home care services.

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Caring for a senior? Be sure to care for yourself too

caring for seniors

Tips for carers providing aged care assistance at home

Caring for senior loved ones at home is a demanding yet rewarding experience. During my time caring for my nanna I felt both joy at our precious time together and tears at the physical and emotional exhaustion of it all. If you’re providing aged care assistance at home, take some time to come up for air a moment. You’ve got this.

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How to start home care services quickly

how to start home care services

Help, I need home care services in a hurry

Suddenly finding yourself caring for a senior loved one who needs help is distressing. You might feel out of your depth. Your first contact is likely going to be their GP or other medical professional to take care of urgent medical needs. Outside the doctor’s office, though, you have a huge number of support options to access. I’ve been there, unexpectedly taking on a primary carer role for my nanna and I remember how difficult it was to find the information I needed. Here are some key steps to help you know how to start home care services quickly.

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When to consider home-based care

time to use homecare services

When is the right time to use home-based aged care services?

In some situations, such as a sudden illness or injury, there’s an urgent need for home care services. I’m often helping people who are trying to arrange services when they’re stressed while organising medical care as well. But getting extra help at home doesn’t have to be a last-minute consideration.

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