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If a senior person you care about is beginning to have difficulty doing their usual day to day living, stopping doing things they used to love or not taking care of themselves because it’s harder to get around, then it’s time to look into aged care services. My Aged Care can help with obtaining the support needed.

‘Wait, did you say aged care? But my senior loved one’s not ready to go into a nursing home.’

Did you know My Aged Care is a portal to both residential care AND services to help at home? You can find out about getting government-subsidised home-based aged care services through My Aged Care.

What is My Aged Care?

My Aged Care is a government-run portal, a central intake or referral point, for government-funded services. These include services provided via local councils, community health centres and the aged care assessment service (ACAS) to name a few.

Being a funnel for all government-funded aged care support services makes My Aged Care the go-to platform for a large range of clients. Some important things you need to know about My Aged Care:

  • It does not provide direct care services. Instead these are delivered by local providers in your area.
  • It is a busy national call centre so cannot provide comprehensive individual assessments.
  • If you want private services, this is not covered under My Aged Care. Instead you will need to contact a local private provider directly.

When should I be using My Aged Care?

As soon as you think about needing home-based aged care services!

When you do line up an assessment and sign up for services, you’ll go on a list. Remember this is a national portal and is extremely busy. The wait times for assessments and individual services can be 4-6 weeks while waiting times for home care packages are often 6+ months.

Don’t delay, get started by registering for My Aged Care if you think you could use some support this year.

How does My Aged Care work? 

Initiating a referral to My Aged Care is your responsibility, although a health professional may assist you. Once a referral is received by My Aged Care it will be passed on to a local area assessment team, typically your local council or aged care assessment service (ACAS) depending on your circumstances. You’ll undergo a needs assessment and an income assessment. 

Needs assessment

My Aged Care doesn’t perform these assessments. They refer you to a relevant service for that. So when you are ready for a needs assessment you’ll be contacted by another team who will visit you at home or speak via telehealth to assess your needs. If the assessment shows you are in need of support, you may be approved for:

  • Home care or allied health services via the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)
  • A Home Care Package (HCP)
  • Care in a residential aged care facility.

Arranging an assessment and then interpreting the report known as a ‘service plan’ is then your responsibility. If you’re unfamiliar with the system it can certainly be a headache.

If your needs change over time, you will need to repeat the process with My Aged Care as there are no automatic reviews scheduled. 

Income assessment to determine your level of contribution

If you are eligible for My Aged Care services on a needs basis, you can look for those services in the list of approved providers and book them in. It’s then a matter of how much you need to contribute to the fee. If you are on a low income, the government subsidy will be significant, to help you with the costs. If your income is higher, you will be obliged to pay a higher contribution accordingly – meaning going through My Aged Care for the services you need might cost the same as paying privately.

You can access a list of service providers in your area

Identifying service providers is up to you to organise. You can find a list of ‘approved’ government providers on the My Aged Care website.

Need help with My Aged Care?

If you need help with the choice of providers and decisions on how to get the best value from your home care package, engaging a healthcare professional can help. Empower Aged Care specialises in providing personalised advice for your home care needs and arranging all the referrals.

Book a 1 hour home care consultation by calling 0404 444 985. We can complete direct referrals to My Aged Care on your behalf.


If your income estimate shows you'd be paying a high contribution for services then private home care services could benefit you, and we can help with this. We can deliver a personalised assessment and arrange private home-based aged care services for you. 

Book in for a Holistic Aged Care Assessment by calling 0404 444 985

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