How home care helps increase home safety and healthy living as we age

home safety
Home-based care has so many benefits, such as having someone to do housework, so you have more time to enjoy with your loved ones. You can also think about ways you could improve safety around the home to enjoy healthy living into the future. Home safety fixtures like rails to support mobility and personal alarms for peace of mind, combined with respite care to ease ongoing stress, are just a few ways to stay well at home for longer.

Home safety benefits of home-based care

Slips and falls around the home can happen more frequently as we get older, and can be more of a concern if a senior person is living alone. There are ways to reduce the risk of falls in the home and reduce the risk of injury if the worst case scenario did occur.

Minor home modifications like rails, ramps, and seating in higher risk areas such as showers can help a person feel more stable and safe and avoid tripping.

Personal alarms are an easy-to-use push-button style pendant or bracelet. When activated they can alert a next of kin or the ambulance service in the event of an emergency. Accessing medical help sooner in the event of a fall or medical event reduces the extent of injury and health consequences.

Considering home-based care options for better home safety can help prevent accidents from occurring, and give peace of mind that incidents will get a quick response. Empower Aged Care’s home-based aged care consultant can help to identify the risk factors for applying increased safety measures and help you find more ways to stay well at home.

Respite care for healthy living at home

Caring for someone’s daily living needs at home can be a demanding role and it’s a commitment that many family carers would never consider relinquishing. But even the most resilient carers need a rest in order to maintain their own health and support the health of their senior loved one.

Arranging home-based respite care isn’t about letting go or not fulfilling responsibilities. It’s a healthy and necessary part of maintaining a safe and healthy home for seniors. Carers – be kind to yourself as well as your senior loved one and take time to rest and refresh. It’ll do you both the world of good.

Plan for home-based care to play a part in your healthy aging

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to home-based aged care services, aside from freeing up your time and energy for more enjoyable parts of life. Planning ahead to put home-based care services in place can ease your mind about home safety so your senior loved one can enjoy living a healthy life at home for longer.

When you can start to see a need to seek some help at home, don’t delay looking into what services are available. Waitlists for government-funded services can be long, and you’ll need time to choose your service providers. Take control of living well at home with all the right supports in place. Empower Aged Care is here to help, with expertise in care-finding and needs assessments.

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