How to choose a home care package provider

How to choose a home care package provider
When you’ve decided to arrange home-based aged care services to help your loved one with day-to-day living, it’s the start of a process. So, you’ve arranged an assessment through My Aged Care and been approved for a Home Care Package (HCP). Now it’s time to choose a Home Care Package provider who’ll deliver the home care services. You might find the array of HCP providers confusing. Here are some considerations and some questions you might need to ask your potential provider to help pick the one to suit your needs and budget.

Matching the Home Care Package provider to your needs

The ideal HCP provider is one that meets YOUR needs. This might seem obvious, but we mention it because some people might approach one provider that isn’t quite right, but they think they have to settle for that one. While there are services that are common to many providers, some offer different levels of support, or cater to specialised areas such as dementia care, particular cultural background, veterans, or other circumstances. It’s worthwhile looking into a few different providers.

You can usually find a list of providers in your area by searching on the My Aged Care website. A word of warning: When using the ‘find a provider’ search tool on the My Aged Care website it is common for 100+ providers to appear in the results even after entering your post code.

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A question you might ask about how the home care services are delivered:
  • Do you provider regular carers or will they often change?

Compare the costs of Home Care Package inclusions

You’ll need to compare what different HCP providers charge. The costs vary and fees could amount to between roughly 13% - 45% of the total Home Care Package funding. All Home Care Package Providers have running costs of course, and you might really like the services offered through a provider whose fees are higher. It is a factor for you to consider. Your HCP provider will help you to monitor your budget, by providing monthly statements.

A question you might ask about Home Care Package costs:
  • What percentage of my Home Care Package is spent on fees?

Find the best Home Care Package provider to look after you

A case manager is one main professional who gives advice, arranges home care and responds to urgent needs. Home Care Package providers will have a nominated person responsible for the senior person’s care and will provide you with support when you need it.

You’ll want to develop trust and rapport with your case manager, as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience about Home Care Packages and in-home services and play a key role in the care received.

Some good questions you might want to ask about case managers include:
  • How often will I see my case manager? Are they routine reviews to monitor the senior person’s condition and recommend adjustments, or only if a situation changes? Note: Under government guidelines a case manager must review a care plan at least once every 12 months.
  • What qualifications and / or experience do the case managers have?

Identify the ideal HCP provider to suit YOUR circumstances

Not all Home Care Package providers are created equal! Your senior loved one might have specialised needs regarding their health situation or cultural background. Be sure you check that the services cater to your individual requirements.

We recommend asking questions specific to your situation. Of course this will be different for everyone. Questions about individual circumstances might include:
  • My father has dementia and doesn’t always want help from carers. What is your experience working with people with dementia and what happens in these situations?
  • We’re from an Italian background. Do you have Italian speaking case managers or carers that speak Italian?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a Home Care Package provider to meet your needs. Don’t be shy about asking for more information so you can ensure the provider matches your individual requirements. And after you start, if you find they are not right for you, you can change service providers.

How can you find help choosing a Home Care Package provider?
If you find the options are getting overwhelming, Empower Aged Care can offer assistance:
  • We give you guidance through a one-hour advisory session.
  • We also have the expertise to handle the whole process for you, from initially seeking help through My Aged Care, to starting a home care package.
You can choose the level of support you need from us. Don’t hesitate to give Empower Aged Care a call.

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