How do you connect with council's home help services for seniors?

How to get home care help through councils

How do you connect with council's home help services for seniors?

Your local council can be a terrific resource for health and aged care services, keeping seniors well at home for longer.

From meals and transport services to community centre activities and more, it might surprise you that help is closer than you think. The thing is, it might not be clear how to find home based aged care help through councils. In the past you could call your local council directly for help, however this has now changed and instead you need to go through My Aged Care. Even if you’re not eligible for a Home Care Package (HCP), My Aged Care is the first point of contact and then you can seek referral to council services.  Here’s an overview of what you can expect.

Need local support services for seniors? Try your local council

Councils are a good place to start when seeking home-based aged care services. Services through local councils are funded through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). Councils may deliver the services directly themselves or outsource to a local provider.  Chances are you’ll be familiar with some of your council’s services already.

  • You’re tapping in to local knowledge, from the council team who look after your neighbourhood.
  • You’ll be supporting service providers in and around your own community.
  • You might get to know local seniors in your area through connections and activities.
  • Councils are experienced in assessing needs and supporting the community.
  • Councils can be great connectors of services, integrating community centres and health services and connecting to local service providers.

What council home help services are available?

For older people finding it harder to do the things you used to do, you might find some council services for seniors add valuable day-to-day support. These could include:

  • Delivered meals (e.g. ‘Meals on wheels’)
  • In-home Respite care
  • Personal care
  • Home maintenance
  • Accessible transport
  • Senior citizens centres and activity groups
  • Shopping assistance
  • Cleaning assistance

General advice about what is available is usually found on your council’s website.

Contacting council for home help services for seniors

Even if you’re not eligible for the comprehensive home-based care support available through government-funded Home Care Packages (HCP), you can seek help from your council.

The Regional Assessment Service (RAS) will undertake an assessment of your care needs to find out if you’re eligible for government-funded services. If you’re not assessed as eligible, or are awaiting assessment, you can arrange privately-funded services at any time.

How does it work?

  • Determine if you are wanting council services or private services. You will need to have some understanding of what services you are wanting at home.
  • If wanting to proceed with Council services contact My Aged Care. (If you want private services contact providers directly.) Note: My Aged Care can be tricky to navigate as you are speaking with a call centre!
  • If approved, you will receive referral approval codes which can be used to arrange the services you want.
  • Services may then be provided by the local council or outsourced to a local provider.
Would it be easier to have a professional help you arrange council services?

For assistance to navigate the My Aged Care referral process, contact Empower Aged Care for guidance including done-for-you referrals.

What do you need to consider when seeking home-based care through local councils?

You need to consider a range of factors to decide if council-based services are going to meet your needs.

  • How often are services available.
  • Limits to the amount of services you can access.
  • Compare what you can receive through private service providers
  • Waiting times before services can start

Support is at hand to help you find council services for seniors and the elderly

Need some help to work through your options for home-based aged care support? I’ll be able to explain what services could meet your needs and how to access them.

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