What is a My Aged Care Representative?

A My Aged Care Representative deals with My Aged Care for you

How to get help arranging home care through My Aged Care

Did you know you don’t have to deal with My Aged Care yourself? An older person seeking home care can appoint a My Aged Care Representative to coordinate services on their behalf. If you’re caring for an older person, you can get help with this responsibility too as you can even appoint a professional such as Empower Aged Care Consulting to be a representative with My Aged Care. An experienced healthcare professional can help you understand what home care you’re eligible for, provide independent advice for informed decisions and make all the arrangements with My Aged Care.

Arranging home care takes a lot of work, but you’re not alone

When caring for an older person, we take on a lot of their personal administration and arrangements as a matter of course. But getting government-funded home care underway is quite a big undertaking. My Aged Care is a portal to a wide range of aged care services including home care services and Home Care Packages and it can be hard to navigate. And that’s just the start of the process.

Empower Aged Care’s director, Nicole Dunn, took this on for her nanna:

You might think it's just coordinating a few appointments and taking messages.

I did too.

But there was a lot I had to learn about how the aged care system works and how to advocate for my nanna’s needs. She didn’t want to put anyone out, she kept saying she was fine. And then when her memory declined, I stepped in and did everything [as her authorised My Aged Care Representative]. 

Following all the government processes and making decisions about wellbeing needs and budget, chasing up various service providers… it was exhausting. 

It's ok when the Home Care Package starts and there’s a care manager, but until then, I was trying to be a care manager along with my own fulltime job. I needed help.

…and that’s why I started Empower Aged Care Consulting!

 We know from personal experience and from helping our clients, the process to arrange home care involves a lot of steps and effort to make sure you’re meeting all the criteria. It can be stressful worrying about whether an older loved one is able to get the care they need. 

 An older person will typically need help from a family member or carer to deal with My Aged Care and the various service providers. But:
  • it takes so much time and energy, and carers are managing this among their own life responsibilities, while attending to their older loved one’s ongoing needs too
  • if family members aren’t knowledgeable about the aged care system and a senior’s health and wellbeing needs, they risk missing out on vital services covered by government funding.   
Professional services like us at Empower Aged Care provide personalised support to arrange home-based aged care.
We get to know your older loved one’s circumstances, advocate for their needs when dealing with My Aged Care and service providers, and prepare your family to make informed decisions at each step in the process.

What can My Aged Care Representatives do?

A My Aged Care Representative deals with My Aged Care and service providers so an older person doesn’t have to. This valuable support role includes:
  • Registering the older person with My Aged Care to start the process of applying for home care services. 
  • Making referrals (applying) for an ACAS or RAS assessment through My Aged Care. 
  • Finding providers to deliver services and starting Home Care Packages. 
  • Organising bookings and correspondence with assessors and service providers.
  • Being the first point of contact for whenever My Aged Care, assessors, service providers or other healthcare professionals need to contact the older person.
  • Receiving any My Aged Care letters or other communications.
  • Making decisions on the older person’s behalf about assessments or referrals.
  • Keeping information up to date on their My Aged Care portal.
At all times, advocating for the older person’s needs in interactions with My Aged Care, home care service providers, allied health and other relevant support services.
There are two types of My Aged Care Representative:
Regular representative: someone who is appointed with the older person’s agreement when they have the ability to make decisions for themselves. A regular representative needs to keep the older person actively involved in the decisions being made for their care and get their permission before sharing their personal information with anyone.
Authorised representative: someone who is put in place when an older person no longer has the capacity to make decisions for themself. If you are an authorised representative, you need to make decisions about the person’s care and affairs that are in their best interest and not disclose any My Aged Care information to someone who isn’t authorised. 

Why is it important to engage a professional as your My Aged Care Representative?

With a healthcare professional’s experience you don’t just get your time back, you gain valuable advice and guidance. As one of our clients put it “you know their language and what to say”.

An older person, or even their carer, doesn’t need to liaise with My Aged Care directly as we manage all communication with My Aged Care, assessors and service providers. 
This means: 
  • We ensure you receive the government funded help you are entitled to. 
  • Faster assessments and services starting quicker. 
  • Less interactions and confusion for an older person.
  • Reduced stress and worry for the older person and their family.
 You’ll receive personalised support to navigate the complex and lengthy processes for accessing government-funded home care.

How to get support to deal with My Aged Care

Engaging a professional as your My Aged Care Representative takes a load off your plate. We help you understand what home care you’re eligible for and make all the arrangements.
If you’d benefit from an experienced home care advocate and healthcare professional as your My Aged Care representative, get in touch with us today. 
From there we’ll organise our registration as your representative, so you don’t have to!
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