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Professional mentoring opportunities for home care workers

Working in home-based aged care is demanding, and the community health professionals supporting seniors need support too. You can access professional supervision that fits into your work schedule.

Connecting with an experienced healthcare practitioner means you continue learning on the job, get the chance to work through difficult challenges and have confidence in the quality of care you provide. As this year draws to a close, it’s a good time to review your performance, identify your training needs and set professional development goals for the next year.

How can professional mentoring help me?

At Empower Aged Care we provide professional mentoring to support community health professionals providing home-based care to be at their best. Our service is:
• one to one mentoring that is supportive.
• available via Zoom video calls to fit flexibly around your work schedule.
• specific to your learning needs to develop skills and build confidence.
• individual professional development to work through challenges we all face.
• ensuring quality of care.
• based on the Victorian Allied Health Clinical Supervision Framework.

The benefits of professional mentoring include:

• Improved patient care through the development of professional practice.
• Reduced occupational stress for community health professionals.
• Increased knowledge and awareness of possible solutions to clinical problems.
• Increased self-awareness and participation in reflective practice.
• Increased personal confidence, self-value and enhanced job satisfaction.
• Reduced staff turnover and improved risk management leading to organisational economic benefits.

For more, refer to our last post on this topic: https://empoweragedcare.com.au/blog/supervision-for-health-professionals

Professional mentoring helps you adapt to change

Seniors are always changing (and so are we!)
Whether you’re a physio, occupational therapist or home care worker….just when you feel you’ve sorted what your senior person needed, chances are something has changed. Has your client:
• Asked you a curly question?
• Got complex needs?
• Become more frail? Do they need more help? Do you know what to do?
When you are worried about your clients it’s often a good time to seek support. Upskill straight away and feel more confident.

Or perhaps it’s you who has changed?
• Are you a new graduate?
• Are you new to working with community services (and understanding My Aged Care)?
• Are you returning to work?
• Working solo without the support of a team?
It’s so easy to feel out of the loop with Home Care Packages, My Aged Care and assisting older people. But don’t worry, we can make any work transition much easier by building on your knowledge of home-based aged care practices.

Achieve your goals with professional mentoring

For many, it’s been a tough year. In challenging times, maintaining our energy to continue delivering our valuable care services hasn’t left any headspace for looking ahead. As the year comes to a close, is it time now to review your training and development needs?

Consider the kind of challenges you faced this year and areas you felt you had knowledge or skills gaps. Could you use some guidance so you’re feeling confident to address the situation next time?

Community care workers often seek mentoring with:
• My Aged Care
• Home Care Packages
• Complex client discussion
• Comprehensive aged care assessments
• Care Coordination / Case management
• ACAS and RAS assessments
• Elder abuse

Could you use some guidance in these areas? Professional mentoring supports you to build the knowledge and expertise that will enable you to meet your career goals.

Feel supported with a professional mentor

As a community health professional, providing one-to-one home care can be an isolating experience. Compared to a clinic or hospital environment, you don’t have work colleagues around you all the time. If you have questions or a challenging situation to manage, feeling alone can add stress to an already demanding role.

It’s a relief to know support is at hand for community health professionals in aged care providing home-based services. You can arrange a mentoring session to review and reflect on your experience and receive guidance.

Professional mentoring from a qualified healthcare practitioner gives you continual learning opportunities and helps you maintain your best quality of care.

Could you benefit from connecting with a qualified healthcare professional with home-based aged care experience? Book in for a Professional mentoring session to get the support you need.

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