How home care helps when recovering from illness or injury

recovering from illness

Aside from the convenience of having someone else do the household chores, home-based care can be key to a speedy recovery. There’s nothing more important than your health. Take a load off your mind, and your body, by arranging home-based care in advance so you can calmly rest and recover from illness or injury.

Home-based care supports your recovery after a hospital stay

There are real benefits to recuperating from a serious injury or stressful illness within a familiar home environment. Home-based care options include:

  • Home-visiting nurses: giving your body time to heal, without the stress of extra hospital expenses but knowing you have health care at hand.
  • Mobility support: home modifications such as rails and ramps, shower and toilet supports, and furniture such as lift-chairs
  • Personal services: shopping, meal delivery and cleaning while you get back on your feet

Your body needs to recover, and by reaching out for home care services, you can give yourself the time to relax and recuperate, ‘hitting pause’ on all the chores and odd jobs that wore you out when maintaining your home.

“I was so glad I asked for Nicole’s help before my dad came back from his knee replacement. We planned ahead, including arranging for a recliner/lift chair to be delivered to the house and getting a walker, over-toilet frame and shower seat. Being prepared helped a lot. My dad’s been back on his feet for a while but he’s still enjoying having a gardening and cleaning service to take care of household chores, freeing up his time for all the important things like weekend sport on TV!” - Jenny

Regain your independence with home-based rehab and physio

You don’t have to stay in hospital to access the medical care you need while recovering from illness or injury. Being relaxed, supported and well cared for at home can accelerate your recovery. Fortunately, health professionals make home visits.

You can receive treatment from doctors and nursing professionals, as well as allied health services such as physiotherapy to continue your rehabilitation at home.

When it’s hard to move around and you don’t want to over-do your movements in getting from place to place, you can get the help you need at home. You’ll have less worries about going back to more energetic activities too soon – such as getting back to work or sport/recreation – when you have your healthcare professional checking in on your progress.

“Dad got an exercise bike to help him with his recovery. But I wasn’t sure he had the right setup or if he was doing what the hospital physio showed him. Now that I know physios can make housecalls I’ll be arranging a home visit as soon as possible.”

Keep your health and wellbeing on track while recovering from hospital by booking in ongoing case management. An expert health professional will monitor your recovery, recommending and arranging home care services to meet your changing needs.

Support for a speedy recovery helps you stay positive

Being stressed about your health or not feeling comfortable during your recovery can prolong the recovery process. If you’re not making good progress back to full health, it can be tough to maintain resilience and a positive mindset.

Getting the right healthcare supports at home can make a world of difference.

Give yourself the best chance of a speedy recovery by putting home-based care arrangements in place before you return from a planned hospital visit, or as soon as you commence a treatment plan. Knowing that support is at hand following your treatment will help bring peace of mind and allow you to focus on returning to good health.


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