Why is Professional Supervision (individual mentoring) for Health Professionals and Care Workers Important?

supervision for health professionals
Health professionals work in a high pressured and high stakes environment looking after the health of others. Covid19 has only increased such pressures and reinforced the need to have 1:1 clinical support in place for debriefing, client discussion and tailored education.

Doctors, nurses, allied health, case managers and aged care workers all benefit from 1:1 clinical support in the form of professional supervision and it forms part of maintaining professional registration.

What is professional supervision?
Professional supervision is acknowledged as a mechanism to promote the professional development and well-being of allied health and nursing staff in the delivery of safe, high-quality patient care[1].

Professional supervision is specific to an individual’s learning needs, for example, it may involve discussing:
  • Client cases
  • Current clinical guidelines, services, resources.
  • Professional development opportunities and goal setting.
  • Managing relationships with colleagues.
  • Debriefing clinical situations
How does Professional supervision differ to professional development?
Professional supervision is a formalised process whereby a supervisee receives 1:1 education, development and mentoring from an experienced supervisor. A written record of the session, actions and smart goals keeps a session individualised and allows for progression and growth. Professional development covers a range of learning activities such as lectures, short courses etc geared towards group learning.

What are the benefits of professional supervision?
  • Improved patient care through the development of professional practice[2].
  • Reduced occupational stress[3]
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of possible solutions to clinical problems; increased self-awareness and participation in reflective practice[4]
  • Increased personal confidence, self-value and enhance job satisfaction for the supervisee[2].
  • Reduced staff turn over and improved risk management leading to organisational economic benefits[5]

How does Empower Aged Care Consulting deliver professional supervision?
Minimum 1 hour session via Zoom / Skype. Supervisee’s are provided with a written record of the supervision session. Professional supervision is specialised in the area of aged care* and targeted towards case managers, health professionals (allied health, nurses, doctors etc) and carers.

* Aged care supervision may include discussing; complex aged care cases (care planning, discharge planning, elder abuse etc) CHSP, HCP, ACAS, My Aged Care and much more.

What are the costs of Professional supervision provided by Empower Aged Care Consulting?
$145 for a 1 hour for a video conference session with written supervision notes provided to the supervisee. The cost of supervision may be incurred by the individual and / or organisation and are usually tax deductible.

How to arrange professional supervision with Empower Aged Care Consulting?
Contact Nicole Dunn (Senior Clinician)
M: 0404 444 985
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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