What different types of home care services are available?

different types of home care services

It’s natural to worry about loved ones as they get older. It’s important a loved one maintains their independence and home care services do not take away from this. Rather, a little bit of support at the right time can make a big difference to keeping someone independent and at home. Is it time you asked for help? You can choose from a range of different types of home care and home health services, to keep seniors well at home for longer.

How home care and home health services can boost independence

Families looking after loved ones at home are often performing a range of functions as carers, being a home health care nurse, a delivery service, an entertainer, a home maintenance worker and taxi!

Perhaps you’ve thought about getting a cleaner or delivered meals to lighten the load?

There are a number of different home health care services you could call on, either as individual tasks or as a package. Here are some examples of home care options that could help keep a loved one independent and at home:

  • Personal care assistance
    You can arrange a personal care worker who is specialised in helping seniors with showering and dressing to look after daily essentials.

  • Delivered meals 
    Compared to getting occasional commercial meal deliveries (think Uber Eats), booking a regular meal service through your council “meals on wheels” or private companies can be an affordable solution with food tailored to seniors’ dietary needs.

  • Cleaning assistance
    From daily housekeeping to one-off targeted areas – scrubbing of bathrooms, for example – you can bring in some help to save your energy and your back and knees, right? Life’s too short to spend all your spare time cleaning. 

  • Gardening assistance
    Spending time in the garden is soothing and provides a sense of accomplishment to many ‘green thumbs’. The difficulty is when the job is too large to tackle any longer, and seeing the garden get out of control is discouraging. Pulling the lawn mower out to mow the lawns can be quite a challenge at the best of times. Perhaps an injury prevents seniors doing as much as they used to. Getting gardening services in can give a temporary boost, or help with ongoing home maintenance to retain the property’s value.

  • Shopping assistance
    What a relief it would be to have those groceries delivered to your door and still get what you want. Particularly during current times when vulnerable individuals face health risks from spending time out in crowded shops. Consider ordering online or booking in a service where someone personally goes and does your shopping, with contactless delivery.

  • Social activities
    Community and neighbourhood centres offer opportunities for seniors to enjoy companionship and participate in fun activities. Staying active by engaging in games or learning activities is so important for continued wellbeing.
  • In home rehabilitation through physiotherapy and occupational therapy
    You don’t have to get to a hospital or clinic to arrange essential rehabilitation support. Qualified practitioners can visit a senior at home to deliver these health services. 
  • Nursing Care
    In home nursing care is an essential service for seniors with ongoing health conditions or recovering from a fall or other medical incident. You could save your loved ones from having to travel to and from medical facilities, by arranging aged care nursing services at home. Nurses can assist to monitor diabetes, manage wounds and provide seniors with their medications.
  • Transport assistance
    You can take advantage of services that specialise in transporting seniors to appointments. You can find a service catering for limited mobility using vehicles fitted with wheelchair ramps.

But I can do all of that. Why would I pay for home-based care services?

I know. You may rather spend your money on gifts, or save it for special occasions. Some of my readers will already have realised, what you’d really value now is time. Time spent enjoying the company of your loved ones in their own home. It can be a tough call to make. Not all spending is discretionary, for sure. You need to cover the essentials. But when you do have some money set aside, it might help to know there are these different types of home care services available to help your loved one remain at home and provide you with some respite.

How to arrange aged care services at home

  1. Decide what services are needed. Hopefully our discussion about home care options has really helped with this!

  2. Decide what services you can afford. Your loved one may be eligible for government funding to help with the cost of home care or a private service may be preferred.

  3. Choose the provider. There are many companies that can provide home care including if your loved one is eligible to receive government funding.

  4. Establish a service agreement. This means you are agreeing to what services you want, when they will be provided and the cost.

And remember, if you are not happy with a home care service you can always change.

Where to start with home health care services?

If you’ve seen some ideas in this article that made you realise you could be getting more help, why not give me a call to talk through your options? You might need a short advisory session to clarify confusing healthcare information, help with My Aged Care, or right through to an in-depth Holistic Aged Care Assessment to address all of your loved one’s aged care needs with done-for-you referrals. I’ll set you up with the support you need.

Read more about my services or give me a call. Nicole Dunn 0404 444 985

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