What is a Home Care Package?

What is a home care package

Gone are the days where a nursing home was your only option to receive assistance when things got tough.

Now, there is more help available for remaining at home as one ages. The government has introduced Home Care Packages (HCP) to help more people access support.

Overview: What is a Home Care Package (HCP)?

Government Home Care Packages are an allocation of government funding to enable an individual to purchase services to remain at home. Usually a company or not for profit (also known as a home care package provider) assists you to manage the funds.

What will a Home Care Package help me with?
Day to day tasks or rehabilitation, for example: cleaning or shopping assistance, meal preparation, transport, nursing, physiotherapy and more.

How much can I get?
Up to AU$51,600 per year depending on how much assistance you require.

Do I need an assessment for a HCP?
Yes, you'll need to complete a referral to My Aged Care in order to access government Home Care Packages.

Is everyone eligible for a HCP?
No. Seniors who are completely independent and not requiring help at home are unlikely to be approved for a home care package.

Are there any incomes tested fees?
Yes. Part pensioners and self-funded retirees will need to pay an income tested fee. The amount you may need to pay is based on your annual income and will need to be assessed by Centrelink. This means you are contributing to the cost of your HCP. You’ll need to consider if the funding you are eligible for offsets any income tested fees you’d need to pay. Fortunately, there are annual income fee caps in place. If you need help to understand or apply for a HCP or understand the fees, you can book into one of our advisory sessions.

How do I manage the funds after I am approved for a HCP?
You have the choice of paying for a case manager to guide you and arrange all the appropriate services on your behalf, or you can self-manage your HCP. Self-managing is cheaper but the work involved can be significant. Learn more about self-managing HCPs here.

How long is the wait?
Between 6 months - 2 years, so it is essential to arrange aged care help before you need it.

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