When to consider home-based care

time to use homecare services

When is the right time to use home-based aged care services?

In some situations, such as a sudden illness or injury, there’s an urgent need for home care services. I’m often helping people who are trying to arrange services when they’re stressed while organising medical care as well. But getting extra help at home doesn’t have to be a last-minute consideration.

Maybe you feel a growing awareness that day-to-day life tasks are getting a touch trickier. Or you’re starting to worry about your senior loved one living at home alone. You could notice a number of signs that it’s time to use home-based aged care services. Don’t put it off for later.

What help can home-based aged care provide?

Home care services aren’t only for helping frail and bed-bound patients. You can benefit from a number of services that enable you to enjoy your best life now.

  • If shopping and cooking meals is getting tiring, home delivery services can take all that hassle off your hands.
  • Who wants to spend their precious weekends cleaning the house? Engage a cleaner and enjoy spending time with loved ones.
  • If you need allied healthcare such as physio, you can receive the treatment you need in the comfort of your home. Home-visiting practitioners implement COVID-safe procedures to help keep you safe.
  • When you’re not up to a day’s gardening like you used to be, you can also arrange a contractor to keep on top of the yard maintenance.

Home care services help keep you safe at home

Plan for healthy living as you age with home care services. If you experience reduced mobility, it makes sense to get some extra facilities in place to avoid falls and injuries.

  • Home modifications such as hand rails and ramps can be installed where needed.
  • Shower and toilet frames make life a whole lot easier.
  • Personal alarms give loved ones reassurance you’re able to access help when you live alone.

You can’t always avoid the sudden need for home care services

 If the worst happens and a sudden injury or illness catches you unawares, home care services can help you in recovery. You and your loved ones can:

  • Arrange for meal delivery services before you return home.
  • Hire or purchase mobility aids to help you, before you leave hospital.
  • Speak to the hospital and your GP about home-visiting healthcare practitioners to keep you on track in your recovery.

Feeling more informed and knowing when you might need home care services gives you some peace of mind. If you want to be even more prepared, consider my earlier advice about ‘6 reasons to consider home care services before they’re needed’. It might surprise you to realise what a difference some timely preparation can make to your experience of aging and life changes. The key is planning ahead and taking the time and space for calm and clear decision-making to make the best choice to suit your changing needs.

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