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Aged Care Tailored Plans - Case Studies

Bev and her family discover home care options they hadn’t heard about, to stay at home for longer


At 83, Bev was still busy and active, making regular visits to family and friends. Things were taking a bit longer these days, that’s all. A recent stay in hospital meant Bev was not able to do as much as she used to.

Frustrating as it was, Bev was determined not to be shuffled off to an aged care home. There might come a time for that, but for now, aged care homes were not for Bev.

Independence was everything to Bev, she’d have hated feeling out of control in her own home and needing to ask others when she wanted to do things.


Bewildered with the range of service providers and unable to understand what Bev was entitled to, Bev’s daughter, Sally called Nicole. Sally was concerned for her mum, thinking that maintaining her mum’s quality of life was going to be impossible. Sally worked so couldn’t keep an eye on her mum constantly, but she was worried about falls.

Sally asked Nicole for ways to help her mum:

  • Live at home
  • Reduce the likelihood of a fall
  • Get some help with household chores

Services needed to be affordable and run by trusted service providers.


Nicole met Bev and her family at home to complete an assessment of what was needed and to discuss how she could take away the hassle of figuring out what services to access. Nicole covered in detail which specific services could help meet Bev’s needs, including physiotherapy, daily nursing care and help around the house.

There were so many options to keep Bev well.

At the end of the consultation, Bev had an outline of a tailored plan aimed at enabling her to live at home with all the support she needed. Nicole went away to write up the plan and start making calls.


In short, Nicole arranged all the care that was needed.

Armed with information directly from Bev and her family about their needs and circumstances, Nicole was able to correspond with the healthcare professionals and other services on Bev’s behalf. Deciding which ones were a good fit for Bev’s lifestyle and care needs meant booking in services that were going to support Bev’s independence and enable her to continue to enjoy freedom in life.


When your aim is for you or your loved one to live at home comfortably for as long as possible, it makes sense to call an expert to help you design the support plan you’ll need.

Sally did, and it resulted in:

  • Less stress
  • A tailored care plan to meet mum’s needs
  • Maintaining control over the type of care mum wants
  • Peace of mind that mum was well cared for

Jenny regains her community connections and her husband gets more help


At 72 Jenny was still a primary school teacher, until a stroke meant she lost nearly all of the movement in her right arm and affected her speech. Fortunately, Jenny had her husband, Rod, who could look after her as she now needed help with most day to day tasks, even getting showered and dressed.


Rod had never been a carer before and wasn’t used to doing things around the home. Jenny was quite frustrated at the sudden change in her health and lifestyle and found it quite difficult to cope emotionally. Jenny cancelled the previous in home care as they were not happy with the service and were now left without any help and unsure of where to start.

Rod asked Nicole for ways to help his wife to:

  • Re-gain social connections
  • Choose a reputable provider for in home care 
  • Get some support as a carer


Nicole met Jenny and Rod at home to discuss what was important to them and to create an individual plan. Nicole found a local community centre that ran exercise, music, travel and arts programs for active seniors. It didn’t matter that Jenny had previously had a stroke, she could do everything there. Advice was provided for Jenny to access counselling and Nicole found a new home care provider that could be trusted.


Nicole contacted all of the local services to ensure they were the best ones for Jenny and that she was eligible. Nicole recommended what home care was needed and set it up straight away. Jenny hadn’t realised how easy it was to access counselling and that Medicare could cover the cost of a lot of health care services. Rod found it reassuring to talk to someone who understood what it was like to be a carer. It took a weight off his shoulders and many of the questions he had worried about were now answered.


When your aim is for you or your loved one to live at home comfortably for as long as possible, it makes sense to call an expert to help you design the tailored care plan you’ll need.

Rod did, and it resulted in:

  • The right help at home
  • Peace of mind that Rod didn’t have to do it all
  • Connecting Jenny with counselling and social connections

Joyce gets health care and rehabilitation at home


87 year old Joyce had a lung condition for a long time after being a smoker in her younger years. When a doctor told her she needed to use oxygen at home, her daughter and nurse Alison insisted she move in with her and her teenage son, which Joyce was happy about. Joyce already had some in home care and nurses that would occasionally visit already arranged.


Alison was a single mum and worked full time, she didn’t have time to speak to the services to ask for more help. She was also worried her mum was using too much oxygen as the bottles were running out. There was no central person to coordinate her mum’s care.

Alison asked Nicole for help:

  • To best manage her mum’s lung condition
  • To arrange equipment in the home
  • To advocate for more help from the current services


After meeting Joyce and Alison at home, there were so many things Nicole could help with.

Nicole realised it had been some time since Joyce had seen her respiratory specialist, which was important as her lung condition needed to be rechecked and there were options other than just using oxygen cylinders. Nicole arranged for several pieces of equipment at home including a bed stick, a frame to go over the toilet and a bedside commode. Joyce wanted to improve her health so a home visiting physiotherapist was arranged.


Nicole became the voice Alison needed when speaking to services as Nicole knew what to ask for. As Nicole is a registered health professional, she could identify when Joyce needed to see her lung specialist and requested the nurses monitor Joyce on a weekly basis rather than occasionally. Nicole could arrange equipment at home without assessments needing to be repeated.


When your aim is for you or your loved one to live at home comfortably for as long as possible, it makes sense to call an expert to help you design the support plan you’ll need.

Alison did, and it resulted in:

  • Increasing her mum’s safety at home
  • Improving her mum’s lung condition – Joyce switched to an oxygen concentrator which meant no more oxygen cylinders
  • More in home services and closer monitoring of her mum
  • Physical rehabilitation provided at home with a tailored care plan
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