Care management for home-based aged care

Individual care management for your changing needs

Having the best care at home means accessing the right services at the right time.

Our Care Management service in Melbourne and Geelong includes looking out for your changing circumstances and adding, reducing or changing services to suit.

Supporting you to maintain your quality of life

Ongoing Care Management

If you are already set up with home care, we can establish a Care Management arrangement with you directly.

We can provide ongoing monitoring, evaluation, education and care planning, including phone based support and advice, and we can:

  • Arrange additional home visits if needed (separate charges may apply)
  • Ensure health and home care services commence without an issue
  • Monitor and review progress
  • Change services as required, in consultation with you
  • Speak with service providers on your behalf
  • Take the time to answer any further questions you may have
  • Provide feedback to family, your local doctor or nurse
  • Plan for your care in the future
  • Meet with important people in your life
$145 +GST per hour

Monitoring your wellbeing at home

Having a healthcare professional looking out for your holistic home care needs over the longer term can be reassuring.

After your initial home care arrangements settle in, you might find your needs have changed, or your provider changes their healthcare services. A change in your circumstances could mean some services are no longer affordable, or that you’re in a better position to engage more help.

With Care Management for home care you’ll know exactly who to turn to as soon as you have a question.

And we’ll be checking in even before that question arises!

You’ll receive regular support under our care management program. You can discuss any concerns you have, and we’ll find solutions to make you as comfortable as possible so you can continue to enjoy independence.

Be confident about maintaining your quality of life as your needs change over time.

Call us to learn how we can help manage your ongoing care needs.

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