Home Care Package Advice

We’ll navigate Home Care Packages for you

Have you been waitlisted for a Home Care Package? Do you need to choose a Home Care Package provider? 

Trying to understand Home Care Packages can be overwhelming. We will make a complex system easy to understand.

Individualised advice for practical help to stay well at home

Home Care Package Advice

Whilst we cannot deliver your Home Care Package, we will ensure you receive the right advice to choose the right provider. In a 1-hour advice session via phone or telehealth we will shortlist 2-3 providers from the 100+ available in Melbourne or Geelong, saving you time and stress.

We will also ensure you understand how a Home Care Package works so you get the most out of it, for example: 

  • How many care hours you will receive
  • What you can use the Home Care Package for
  • The role of a care manager 
  • Fees 

Want to have a health care professional on speed dial? Book us in for a call during business hours.

$195 +GST for a 1-hour consultation

Expert home care advice when you need it

We’ve been working in the field of aged care assessments and home care services in Melbourne and Geelong, and have experience both as a carer and as a Healthcare provider.

We’ll spend time getting to know your individual story, and helping you in the moment with Home Care Package advice specific to your situation. 

You don’t have to sit in confusion and you don’t have to tackle this situation alone.

When you need help, give us a call.

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